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The Salty Palm's Holiday Gift Guide

The best gifts are personal and unique!

Before you show up with a Live, Laugh & Love sign, check with us and thank us later!



Gifts for people who'd rather be beachin'!

Gifts For Beach People


These are our top gifts for people who would rather be beachin'.

Gifts for drinkers!

Gifts For Wine/Drink Enthusiasts


Perfect for sippers, gulpers and chuggers!

Gifts for spiritual gangsters!

Gifts For Free Spirits


For the dreamers, lovers, star gazers and stone chargers!

Gifts for dog lovers!

Gifts For Dog People


Dogs > Kids. –And it's not even close. These people get it!

Gifts for homebodies!

They Don't Go Out


You know the ones: cancel their plans, love a good blanket, "let's stay in tonight."

Sound familiar?

Gifts for $25 and under!

Little Somethings


Items for $25 and under! Dirty Santa (White Elephant) gifts, stocking stuffers, quick grabs and more.